Top Three Vegan Eats In Melbourne

Melbourne, It’s been a great one.

Until now I felt like I had squeezed in an abundance of activities. Now, during my last lazy Sunday sleep in, I feel like I haven’t even brushed the edges.

What I will miss most in Melbourne are the people, the vibe and the food.

In a previous blog, three bars in Melbourne, I said what makes a place is the people or the vibe. And I stand by that, not just for drinking but for eating too.

Without further adu or more dribble about my emotions…

My Top Three Vegan Eats In Melbourne.

Hella Cakes Melbourne

Hella Cakes Melbourne

1. Hella Cakes, Richmond

322-324 Lennox StRichmondVIC3121
Most days. Serving breakfast until 11.30am

Beautiful girls, delicious home made food and affordable prices. What more could you ask for?

Hella Cakes is a hop, skip and jump from the Richmond Station and JUST off the main drag that you can always get a seat.

I’m here at least once a week for my coffee and the main pull is the amazing customer service. The lady with pink hair is beautiful both in looks and personality and if I could get served by her at every restaurant- I would.



(Yesterday I told her I was leaving, I received my last coffee and she said “I hope this isn’t the last heart I draw for you!”)

The signage and decor were the main attraction for my parter. Most of which is from the original cakery and the rest is hand painted.

Although their menu doesn’t have a vast array of vegan food, what they do have is amazing. If I’m after something sweet I will have the granola. Otherwise their breakfast tacos are delicious. Soft tacos made on site with a gorgeous array of fresh veges on top. Not too spicy or sweet, perfect.

And of course, the cakes.

Recommended meal: Vegan Granola or Vegan Breakfast Tacos
Price Range: $$

I really need to take my own photos. Photo credit:

I really need to take my own photos. Photo credit:

2. Enlightened Cuisine

113 Queensbridge Street, Southbank VIC 3006
Lunch: Tues – Sat 11am – 2.30pm, Sun 12 – 3pm
Dinner: Sun – Thu 5 – 10pm, Fri & Sat 5 – 11pm
Closed: Monday

Shopping mall chinese. But vegan!

Sit on a round table with a bunch of friends. Order everything and spin the lazy susan to take your pick.

There’s duck, chicken, beef, fish, shark fin and everything in between. I loved the lemon chicken and the sweet and sour fish. Both had the great, sickly sweet, I’m going to die of diabetes flavour.

Again, if you’re not interested in mall chinese, this isn’t for you.If you are not vegan you might not embrace this place as much as I did but if you are – you’re in for a treat. Everything you would expect from a chinese restaurant but ALL vegan.

How many times can I say vegan in one review?


Only negative – it is a tad expensive and if you dine on a Saturday expect a 10% increase on your bill.

Recommended meal: Wontons (who doesn’t love a good wonton)
Price Range: $$

Sweetwater Inn. South Yarra. Photo credit Broadsheet.

Sweetwater Inn. South Yarra. Photo credit Broadsheet.

3. Sweetwater Inn 

1/60 Bray St, South Yarra
Most days, open late

Don’t tell me you’ve never dreamed of eating vegan sausage rolls in Uncle Bully‘s basement.

Sweetwater Inn is like that. Without the wife beating. And in South Yarra. And full of hipster kids. And a doggy who hangs out at the door. It’s a great mix of theme, vibe and delicious food.

The menu is a mix of “dude food” like barbecued meats, sausage tools, chip butties… and vegan alternatives. We ordered to share between two so we got an array of food. All of which impressed especially the vegan sausage rolls.

The cocktail menu is extensive and you can order off the menu if you suggest a flavour. I chose a Bloody Mary (you must specify vegan) and it was one of the best I’ve had. Great spicy taste without burning your tongue off.

Only one down side from my night out – the barbecue “chicken”. I could not eat more than two bites. I would not recommend trying this but definitely everything else.

Recommended meal: Wontons and
Price Range: $$

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